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Reading Of The Month- What to release

Reading Of The Month- What to release

Delivered straight to your inbox within 10 days, this personalized video offers insights and guidance based on the tarot spread of the theme of the month. These change every month, so make sure you place your order early for the reading that catches your eye. You have two delivery choices with this reading.


1. With an unlisted YouTube link, you'll have exclusive access to your reading. No one else will be able to view your reading.


2. With the shared YouTube link, you save $25 and your reading will be in the client readings playlist on my youtube channel. I will still email you the link so that you don't have to go searching for it 😁.


I don’t answer questions related to health, pregnancy, or give financial advice.


While refunds are unavailable, I'm dedicated to offering additional clarity and understanding.



By purchasing a reading you are acknowledging that you have read the statement below 👇🏻 and agree that you are responsible for all of your own actions.


All advice given on my social media accounts, or in personal sessions and readings is intended to be guidance only. In addition, all advice is subject to your own interpretation. The information that is given is never a substitute for medical, legal, psychological, financial, or business advice. You

are a human being with free will, and must be responsible for the choices that you make.



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